Why have I received 2 USB cables in the package?

New Tesla cars have USB C and older ones have USB A. You only need to use one of the included cables that fits your car for the display.

How long time does it take to power up the display?

The display normally takes 35-40 seconds to power up from start, however it powers up faster in sleep mode during the active hours when you use the car.

Why is my display sometimes not connected to the car?

The display receives data in real time from your vehicle, sometimes it takes a few seconds for the vehicle to communicate with Tesla's servers. The screen will not show vehicle data If no reception or cellular connection is available.

My display is not connecting to the car at all?

Make sure that you have sent the correct name and password of your hotspot to the display. If you are sharing internet from your mobile phone, also make sure that "bluetooth" and "hotspot sharing" is enabled before installing the display.

My personal mobile hotspot is not sharing to the screen?

If you have problems sharing your network from your phone you can go into the phone settings and click "reset network settings". WARNING: This will refresh your cellular connection and remove your saved wifi connections.

Why do you not use an OBD connection to the vehicle?

Many Tesla owners do not want to remove plastic overs and dashboard mounts etc in the interior.

Tesla''s servers are reliable and the connection has been very stable when tested in multiple vehicles.

We do not want your car to be in the risk of being damaged when installing a 3rd party product.

Since the device uses an internet connection it opens up to a lot more functionalities.

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